5 Signs that You Need a Dehumidifier

The ideal level of humidity should be between 40 and 55% and a humidity higher than that can significantly destroy your house, your furniture, and even your health. If the air is too moist, you will feel sweaty and uncomfortable, you can develop asthma and allergies and the items in your house can be seriously degraded. Thus, a dehumidifier can be of great help as it will eliminate the excess moist from the air and avoid further unpleasantness. Here is what you should pay attention to around your house to discover if there is too much humidity in the air.

You discover mold spots on the walls and ceilings

One of the effects of humidity is the nasty mold, which can appear in any room of the house, especially in those where steam is formed or where you dry your clothes. Mold or dampness are small spots coming out of the walls, especially those that connect with the outside and attract extra moisture. Mold can spread very fast and can even grow on your furniture, upholstery, and clothes and can seriously affect your living.

The air is clammy and you find it hard to breathe

If you feel that the air is very loaded and hard to breathe, it can be a sign of extra moisture, which can cause you breathing problems, allergies, and even asthma, being very dangerous especially for children and the elders.

The floors and furniture are wet and they crack

Humidity, mold, and dampness can also affect the furniture and floors in your house, as they will start to turn wet, unstable and even crack. The floors will start to swell under the carpets and you will notice wet spots in the corners or under the furniture, which can also start to degrade, lose its shine and peel off.

You see condense on the windows

If water vapors are often formed on your windows, it is likely that the air humidity is too high. Condensation collecting at the bottom of your windows can be caused by improper sealing, cement humidity, cooking or bathing with hot water, and a dehumidifier can easily fix the problem and avoid condense to affect the sills and floors.

Musty smell in the room

The mold has a very bad smell and you can easily sense it inside a room affected by mold. If this is the first time you sense the odor or if it is a recurrent problem, consider installing a dehumidifier that will solve the moisture problem and eliminate the unpleasant smell.