At home recycling lessons for children


Recycling is a lesson all children must master until they reach the proper age for going to school. Therefore, teaching this lesson falls into their parent’s responsibility. However, not all of us find it easy, and many struggle finding children friendly approaches for making this lesson known to them. Whether it is about scrap brass, aluminum, or home waste, there are a couple of ways you can help them become recycling masters. Remember, recycling is not all about putting away your waste into specially marked bins. It is also about becoming inventive. However, below are some lessons you can teach your children the importance of recycling.

1. Visit a recycling centre with them

You will be surprised by how entertaining they might find an incursion of this kind. Learning about where used materials or scrap metals go, the processes involved in making new products out of old ones will be highly educative for them. Give your local recycling centre a call and see if they do tours. If not, do some research and see which one in you proximity does. It is impossible for them not to have tours, therefore make sure you do some good research.

2. A book on recycling might also help

Break down the basic notions of recycling by reading to them (if they are too small to read) some books on recycling. They will become accommodated with the purpose, the process a lot easier, making it possible to understand the reasoning behind this action.

3. Make a game out of it

Show them how fun recycling is. Make a game out of it. If you have two or more children, make up a game where which one manages to properly sort out the garbage wins the competition. However, make sure all children receive a prize or something; otherwise, it is very likely for them to become mad at each other. You want to avoid family drama, therefore, make sure you have prizes for all of them.

4. Create separate bins with them

Recycling is all about sorting out the waste and putting it away in different bins. If possible, try recycling the bins themselves from old buckets or similar items. Stick highly descriptive images of what goes in each of them and proper names as well. Then try to exercise the act of recycling by making them put different types of garbage in each bin. This is a great exercise for all members of a family, not only for children.

Teaching your children a lesson about recycling is not something difficult. However, it requires high levels of implication from parents and a good approach. Not all children have a positive feedback from all the approaches mentioned before, but the large majority of them are highly susceptible to respond positively to a trip to a local recycling centre. Start from there and find out what they would like to do on this topic further.