Be unique – choose a ribbon wedding bouquet

When looking at the money you would have to spend on a wedding flower bouquet, you might worry that you will not be able to cover all the expenses of the event, because if such a little detail costs so much, you cannot imagine how expensive will be the other ones. Well, planning a wedding can be expensive, this is why it is wise to decide your budget from the beginning, and to adjust your expenses according to it. If you do not want to spend a fortune on wedding flowers, then you should consider replacing them with an alternative as ribbons UK. You can use ribbons to create the wedding arrangements, but also the flower bouquets. All you need is a little research and time to understand the steps that have to be followed in order to obtain some amazing arrangements.

Consider the colour scheme

The first thing you have to do before ordering ribbon supplies is to establish the colour scheme of the wedding. If you want to create all the wedding bouquets from ribbons, then you have to make a plan with the colours you will use for the bride’s bouquet and the ones of the bridesmaids. You should not combine more than two colours, because the bouquets will look overwhelming, and you do not want to obtain this effect.

Satin bouquet tendencies

In case you do not know, the colour of this year is greenery, a beautiful shade of green you can easy integrate in almost any colour scheme. You should opt for a nude colour scheme, and you can add accents of greenery in every one of the bouquets. For example, for the bride’s bouquet you can opt for greenery roses, they will bring the focus on the white gown. For the bridesmaids’ bouquets you can use a combination of greenery and cream satin roses. They will look wonderful.

Accessorise the bouquet

As with the flower bouquets, the satin ones can be embellished with different accessories. In case you like pearls, you can sew one of them in the middle of every one of the fabric flowers. Also, you can add glitter on some of the flowers, to make them shine in the dark. They will add a pop of glamour to your pictures, so you should thoroughly consider this option. In addition, you can let some stripes of ribbon flow from the lower part of the bouquet, they will create a beautiful effect, and they will look amazing in pictures.