Bespoke Adhesives – Tips to Avoid Overspending


At the risk of pointing out the obvious, brands and businesses don’t commission the manufacture and development of bespoke adhesive products just for the sake of it. To the contrary in fact, these are the types of products that are only sought for a specific purpose that is of fundamental importance. After all, if it was anything not very important, it would be just fine to purchase a generic adhesive product from a standard store.

According to the experts in adhesives and medical tape convertors, the number of brands and businesses spanning all manner of sectors that are seeking these kinds of products is growing like never before. Much of this is coming down to affordability and accessibility, but for the most part it is the way today’s quality adhesive products are slowly but steadily rendering traditional joining methods obsolete. Even in the instance of industrial welding, there is really nothing a quality adhesive can’t do these days.

Still, there is no point in overspending where there is no need to – purchasing bespoke adhesive products is no exception to the rule. So, for everybody thinking about placing an order in the future, there is a short overview of a few helpful tips on how to save money when ordering bespoke adhesive products:

1 – Consider What You Need

First up, it makes good business sense to know precisely what you need before even thinking about purchasing it. What this means in this case is creating a detailed list of requirements that the adhesive product needs to fulfil, in order to then take the list to those in charge of producing it. This will include factors like precisely what materials will need to be bonded, how strong the join needs to be, how fast it needs to dry, the type of environment it’s to be used in, general health and safety considerations and so on. You can be as demanding and specific as you like – the more comprehensive your list, the more cost-effective and efficient the product will be.

2 – Consider All Options

It is also worth bearing in mind that there are so many various types of adhesive products on the market today that it’s definitely in your best interests to think about all available options. For instance, you might have decided that a standard liquid adhesive is the right choice for you, but have you considered pressure-sensitive adhesive tape? It is important to have an open mind and to consult with the professionals regarding the options available to you. The reason is that while the products you have in mind might be fantastic for getting the job done, there might be other ones that can not only do a superior job, but also get it done for a lower price.

3 – Think Long-Term

As is the case in almost all instances when it comes to business orders, there is a strong chance you will be able to make huge savings by ordering in bulk. In this case, it should be quite easy to work out precisely how much of the adhesive product you’re going to need both now and in the near future. Assuming you are sure you’re going to need more of the product going forward, it simply makes good sense to purchase plenty at once, rather than bits and pieces.

4 – Prototypes and Samples

A quick but an important point – never go about ordering a substantial amount of adhesive products until you have first been offered a prototype or a sample to try out personally. The reason is that you can’t expect to know precisely how the adhesive product in question will perform when testes, until you in fact put it to the test. If you work with a manufacturer that doesn’t offer prototypes or samples, you’re working with the wrong manufacturer.

5 – All-Inclusive Service Package

Last up, it’s always in the interests of any business in such a position to work with a bespoke adhesive manufacturer that provides all-inclusive services. The simple fact is that the more of the development, manufacture, packaging and supplying services happen under one roof, the more cost-effective and easier the whole process becomes. Which in turn means more affordable adhesive products for the end buyer – not to mention a more convenient and reliable overall service package.