Best Baby Surveillance Cameras

Children surveillance cameras are a fairly recent invention. You will see that most people use classic surveillance cameras in order to keep an eye on their children. Nevertheless, baby surveillance cameras come with special features, designed specifically for the needs of a young parent. These systems allow you to do your house chores while being constantly aware of what is happening with your child. Thanks to the monitoring system you can immediately learn when the baby cries and calls you for help. These four baby surveillance cameras are both efficient and easy to use.

Video Monitoring System from VTech Baby

VTech manufactures the most fun tech toys for babies and children, so it is not surprising that the company has created one of the best baby monitor systems. The video surveillance system for babies VM311 VTech has a bright LCD color screen 2 inches with 22 frames per second, to keep and eye on your baby in real time. It operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and digitally transmits all sounds from the baby’s room, so there is no interference from neighboring devices or white noise. If you want to go outside, you can still see your baby thanks to the range of 1,000 feet of the device. In addition, the automatic function infrared night vision lets you keep track of the baby even when it’s dark outside.

Wireless surveillance camera Baby D-Link

For those of us who had children before the advent of smartphones, the wireless surveillance camera Baby D-Link really represents a major technological breakthrough. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can take a look at your baby at any time through the mydlink app. You receive instant notification if the camera detects motion or if your baby is crying. In addition, it offers two-way communication; so you can talk to your child while you head to your room or simply calm him. You can also record video and take pictures. Also, its night vision function allows you to enjoy a clear image even when the lights are out.

WiFi Link Summer Infant Baby Surveillance camera

Thanks to the Wi-Fi security camera Summer Infant Baby Link, you can see your child sleep peacefully with the Summer smartphone application or tablet. However, if you hear a noise concern about your surveillance system and you wonder what it is, you only have to use night vision functions, panoramic vision or inclination to know. The device also monitors the temperature of the room to avoid it being too hot or too cold and allows you to view up to four rooms on the same screen if you have other devices in place.

Video surveillance system for babies Care ‘N’ Share Lorex

With its large 3.5-inch LCD screen, one of the largest in its class, the video surveillance system Care ‘N’ Share Lorex lets you view crystal clear image and color of your little child. You can use the panoramic vision, tilt and zoom to even see everything that happens in the nursery, and if the baby is struggling to fall asleep, you can play him either five melodies or soothing sounds, like a waterfall or a bird song, produced by the device. The night vision function lets you easily see what happens in the dark. In addition, the camera can transmit a signal as a video audio at a distance up to 450 feet outdoors and 146 feet indoors. If you install a microSD card, you can even take pictures of your baby with this monitoring system.