Best Places to Visit in Europe when Traveling with Children

The best places to visit in Europe when traveling with children are the places that can keep you and your kids both entertained. So, keep in mind that regardless the destination that you choose for your vacation, every big city has interesting things that children of all ages can enjoy. Just remember to purchase the multi-attraction discount passes that the majority of cities offer, because that will give you the chance to reduce some of your costs. Here are some thoughts that will give you an idea on how to spend time with your little ones during your holiday.


Contrary to the popular belief, Paris is not a place where only romantics should go. Since it has so much to offer, it can represent the perfect destination for you and your family. Its wonderful parks, street performers and delicious treats can help anyone take delight in this city. If you want to have some fun while visiting this magnificent place, we advise you to spend an entire day at the Luxembourg Gardens, because here is where your children can ride a carousel that is famous in the entire world, and participate in sailboat races.


Everyone who visits Denmark is impressed with its wonderful landscapes, incredible buildings and outstanding architecture. Furthermore, Copenhagen is a city where kids will feel like they are in a fairytale due all the castles and amusement parks that it has. One of the best places to visit in Europe when traveling with children, Copenhagen gives families the opportunity to visit the biggest national aquarium in Northern Europe, the Blue Planet. Here is where you can see up to 20,000 animals and impressive walls of water.


Since it represents a place where you can see real life guards, towers and castles, London is a holiday destination that can thrill children of all ages. You can take your little ones to see the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Buckingham Palace and the Kensington Gardens. If your kids are passionate about armory, crown jewels and knights, we recommend you to consider the Tower of London, as here is where you can find impressive weaponry and jewelry.


Barcelona is a city where you can enjoy tasty foods, rich culture and exotic festivals. This vibrant capital offers extraordinary spectacles and street performances. Furthermore, we suggest to go on the La Rambla street, which is famous for its performers who can juggle swords, swallow fire and entertain audience of all types. The Museum of Chocolate is a place that should not be missed when being in Barcelona, because it allows visitors to make and taste chocolate treats. Tibidabo is an amusement park famous for its old fashion Ferris wheel and other incredible touristic attractions, so you can be confident that your kids will love it.

Regardless of which of the 4 destinations presented above you choose, make sure to read the travel guides published on Each travel guide posted on that website has a special category for the best children’s attractions in each destinations as well as the best free places to visit, the best cultural attractions and so on. With the use of those travel guide, you can rest assure knowing that both you and your family will make the most out of the next family holiday.