Brazil real estate investments – A continuously growing market


Thanks to its growing economy, Brazil has become one of the most notable points of interests for investors, particularly when it comes to the real estate sector. Flocks of investors have already appeared in the past years, drawn not only by the low prices of local properties, but also by their profitable potential. Experts estimate that the year of 2017 will be one of the best for this type of investments here because prices are expected to get even lower than they currently are. However, if you are questioning if you should or shouldn’t be buying real estate in Brazil, certain investment companies’ founders, like Richard Bowles have some solid arguments for you.

Brazil’s economic and social context

Generally, regardless of what country we are speaking of, the state of the real estate market strongly depends on factors such as the general economic climate, social coordinates and the country’s status on the international relations scene. In terms of international relations, BRICS is the only explanation you need. Same rules apply to Brazil as well, and a series of factors affected the prices of real estate properties, working in investors’ advantage. For instance, the general cultural climate in Brazil is a consumerist one, and the Government is driven by its principles as well. As a result, a combination of factors such as the Olympic complex, the new underground metro system, the battle against corruption, the raised living standards of the middle class, fueled the Government’s desire to make significant improvements in infrastructure. Also, the year of 2016 came with an agreement between the Brazilian and Chinese Government and a working contract on infrastructure was agreed upon. The object of the contract was the construction of a bridge to link two investment hot-spots: Itaparica Island and Salvador city. This way, the small island will soon be swallowed by the metropolis and it will become a comfortable suburb to live in, fueling the real estate property demand.

Great locations for real estate investments

In terms of great investment locations, Brazil is quite generous. For instance, investors can find great deals for real estate properties in Salvador, Bahia and the famous Itaparica Island.  As you might guess, this island has great touristic potential and in the following years, specialists expect flocks of tourists to come and enjoy the beautiful beaches, and the perfect hot climate for this type of incursions. This opens new perspectives on the local real estate market, for luxury resorts and other types of accommodation facilities. Generally, Brazil as a whole has great touristic potential. The climate is friendly, it is a colorful and exuberant country, and it is a dream vacation destination. Therefore, the real estate market is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years, and luckily enough, the prices are currently friendly enough to attract flocks of investors!

Make sure you consider these real estate investments in Brazil so you profit from a great outcome in the coming years!