Can the Dishwasher Sanitize Baby Bottles?

Although it is simple to put your baby bottles into the dishwasher, this trick can put your infant at risk. Busy mothers use the dishwasher so that they don’t have to wash soiled dishes by hand, but this time-saving technique doesn’t always represent a safe alternative to sanitizing an infant’s feeding kit.

Dishwasher vs sterilizer

Sanitizing baby bottles involves sterilizing them to make sure that there are no germs or bacteria on their surface. In order to sterilize an item, you need to boil it at 100 deg C for at least 5 minutes. Since most dishwashers can’t boil water at this temperature, they might not kill bacteria, and your baby might deal with an unpleasant tummy ache. On the other hand, electric sterilizers represent a great solution for making sure that bottles are free from germs. These products use steam to make the bottles safe for your baby, and they ensure that the bottles will remain sterile for about 6 hours. Giving that babies don’t have a strong immune system before they are six months old, it is essential to use a professional sterilizer for any feeding kit used before six months, because a dishwasher might not have the same capacity to kill bacteria like a sterilizer does.

Still, when is it safe to use a dishwasher?

Baby bottles, breast pumps and dummies can be placed into the dishwasher only if the dishwasher that you use features a setting that has the purpose of sanitizing objects. There are many brands who produce dishwashers with sanitizing cycles, so if you are searching for an easier way to do all your daily chores, we advise you to replace your old appliance with a more effective one. Buying a dishwasher with this type of function will allow you to clean the bottles, rings, dummies and nipples without worrying about safety issues. Some models incorporate a baby cycle, so we suggest to read some dishwasher reviews on to find out what type of appliance features a wash that can remove bacteria. However, you need to consider three aspects when using your dishwasher to clean your baby’s feeding equipment:

  • Use a hot cycle of 80 deg C instead of a cool eco-wash one, because only that way you will be able to kill germs and eliminate impurities.
  • Use the heat dry option for preventing bacteria growth. Since moisture can encourage the development of mold and bacteria, it is essential to use a heat dry setting for protecting your child’s health.
  • Once a week you should boil the rings and nipples as a preventive measure.