Do Infrared Heaters Pose a Threat for Children?

As a hypothesis, infrared radiant heating is not harmful to the body, on the contrary, it can produce many beneficial effects. The controversy regarding the damaging effect of infrared radiant heaters is due to the existence of the word ,,radiation”, which automatically makes people think that this is something bad and harmful for the organism, excluding that there also exists useful radiation. Often people confuse the infrared radiation emitted by radiant infrared heaters and ultraviolet light emitted by microwave ovens. The concern is increased when there are children in the middle, and every parent thinks twice before installing an infrared heater in the house, but is this concern founded or not?

Children and the therapeutic role of the infrared heaters

The infrared heater uses a technology that is similar to the way the sun heats the Earth, with the difference that infrared heaters do not radiate harmful UV rays. Not only the infrared light does not affect nor degrade the health of children, but it is proven that it has therapeutic properties, being able to cure various injuries, muscle pain, respiratory infections, acne and heart problems. Infrared rays radically improve the skin appearance because the increased blood flow leads to refreshing the skin with a wave of healthy nutrients, giving firmness to the skin and improving its elasticity. Infrared rays also dilate peripheral blood vessels which is beneficial for the muscle and fine tissue problems. Infrared heat has a soothing and calming effect on the muscles and a positive effect on the human psyche and physique, improving its general condition, especially in the elderly and in children or babies. Since the infrared heaters heat the objects in the room and not the air, and the heaters do not consist in any fans to blow the heat, there is no danger of children getting a cold because of circulating air inside their rooms. At the same time, it reduces rheumatic and inflammatory symptoms because the air does not circulate normally in the room. Infrared heaters also maintain a healthy humidity of the air by not excessively drying the air, which is beneficial for the skin and respiratory system.

Children and the hot elements of the infrared heater

If you read the best infrared heater reviews, you will discover that unlike other heating devices that have exposed hot parts, the infrared heater does not include any hot coil or other parts in sight, therefore, there is no risk for the children to get burned or injured when touching the heater. Nevertheless, it is better to be safe than sorry, so our advise is to invest in the best infrared heater, one that stays cool to the touch and that automatically shuts itself down if it is tipped off. Considering that some models can be installed high on the walls or even on the ceiling, while others are inserted inside stylish cases that resemble piece of furniture, the risk of accidents implying kids is more reduced since children can not reach the heating elements. This means you can safely install the infrared heaters at home even if you have naughty kids.