Easy hairstyles for your daughter even a dad can do

When you are a dad and you have to take your daughter to school, you know that your morning routine is timed down to minutes. The majority of dads barely have time for their selves to get ready in the morning, but when you have to prepare your daughter for school, you will find extremely difficult to help her get dressed. But having a girl implies not only helping her to choose the clothes she wears that day, but you also have to style her hair. And there is no easy way to do it, you need a lot of skill and patience, because she would probably not like the way you do her hair, for the first two or three times. But the trick is to use accessories, because girls and women just love accessories, and she would forget about the way her hair looks, if you tie her bun with a ribbon stripe as the ones from theribbonroom.co.uk.

Criss-crossed braids

This is an easy hairstyle, you have to separate your daughter’s hair into two parts and tie each one of them with a hair tie to make two ponytails. Then you only have to cross one over the other and tie them on the back of the head. You can tie the end of the ponytails with small ribbon bows because your little girl would definitely love the extra length the ribbon gives to her hair.

Twisted ponytail

If you have to style your daughter’s hair to match and elegant outfit, then you should consider this option, because it is easy to do. You only have to part her hair to one side and leave one thin lock aside to create a braid later. You only have to tie the hair together and twist the ponytail. Braid the lock that remained loose, and use a pin to bring it to the back around the ponytail.

An asymmetric bun

If you want to pull your daughter’s hair together in the summer, then you should opt for a bun. But because she wears her hair this way every day, she may not want to leave the house having this hairstyle. So you can give her something different, by positioning the bun on the side of the head. You only have to pull the hair into a ponytail, and make the bun using a hair accessory. You can style it with a ribbon bow, if you want to make the hairstyle more interesting.