Embracing everyday ribbons

The way in which you dress and wear the accessories you have chosen brings out your personality. Clothes have the purpose, among others, to show the world who you are, which is why you need to define your style and invest in those accessories that are just right for you. Surely you have heard of the many ways one can use an everyday ribbon. There are so many different ways such a small item can be used, demonstrating that contrary to their size, ribbons are strong. They can have a surprising effect upon your outfit. Most of you might decide to wear ribbons at special occasions, which is great. However, keep in mind that with a bit of creativity, there is nothing stopping you from incorporating these bows in your everyday outfits. Here are three ideas anyone can put into practice with great ease.

The ribbon broche


It is important to understand the purpose of the ribbon. Ask yourself what it is for. Will it bring value to your outfit? If it is so, then you need to wear it proudly, somewhere easy to notice. Think of your ribbon as a broche. Put it on your coat, or the blouse. Wear it proudly and you will notice that others will see it as a great accessory. However, here is a tip worth remembering. If you have decided to turn the everyday ribbon into a broche, then make sure that the bow is stylish, simple and elegant and it fit the overall outfit.


Ribbons in your hair


Another fun way to wear the everyday ribbon is to place these items in your hair. Choose a few of different colours and figure out a way you can fix them. You can tie your hair with them. For this type of hairstyle, choosing a larger bow would be a wise choice. Also, you could get a few ribbons, a few clips and create your own hair fillet. This is a simple way to add femininity to an outfit and a touch of elegance.


Belts all the way


It is very important to turn this sweet accessory into something practical. It may be challenging, but it is possible and you will have lots to gain from this idea. Here is how you do it. You can choose the one bow version. This is rather simple. Simply choose a belt you already have and place the ribbon on it. Then there is the multi ribbon belt. This should be made of a cord, where several bow are placed. These can be of the same size or different. It is up to you.