Getting around Split like a pro. Even when there are children involved

Contrary to the general opinion, organising a family vacation is not that complicated, especially if you pick a destination with plenty of entertainment opportunities. Croatia is one of those alluring locations with breath-taking scenery and quite a few entertainment opportunities as well. Also, plan ahead and you should be just fine, even if those children of yours are not always the most stable and well behaved creatures you encountered. However, there are some tips that will make even the wildest moppets to behave themselves. And these options include some boat rental Trogir tours. Your kids will be so amazed by the scenery that they will forget to stab each other in the eye with a fork. But let’s see what other tips you should consider.

1. Pick your tours well

If you manage to pick your tours well, you will most probably succeed to keep your children under control. Fact is, they need entertainment, but not a busy schedule. A busy schedule will tire them to extremes, point in which they will most probably become whiny. We strongly recommend going for a boat tour instead of the long walking tours many agencies have included in their offers. For instance, you could pick a boat tour to Trogir, maybe one of the most charming areas in Croatia. And while you’ re still at the cruising part of your journey, visit the islands nearby. Or, alternatively, if relaxation is the main goal of your journey, cruise the Adriatic sea with your family in one of the astounding boars you can rent by one of the providers you can find in here.

2. Get to know the transportation means before your departure

If you plan a family vacation, it would be best to establish from the very beginning how you’ll be getting around the city. There are several options, since the public transportation system is quite a well-developed one.

  • Luckily, the public transportation system offers all visitors the opportunity to get around the entire Split and even Trogir. The daily bus schedule is quite an easy to comprehend one, from five AM to midnight, at a thirty-minute interval.
  • Car rentals. These services are perfect for those looking forward to visiting the amazing places the city has to offer, but also have higher levels of flexibility and mobility. Rent a car or two I you are visiting with friends.
  • Boat rental services, for make your way around the islands. If you want to see the scenery from another point of view, rent a boat. There are plenty of trusty agencies dealing with these and you will also have higher levels of mobility.
  • Unfortunately, we do not recommend getting around Split by taxi, because the prices are quite high. Unless you are out of options, pick public transportation means.

3. Accommodation

Luckily, Split is quite a generous location in terms of accommodation. Choose one of the great rental houses if you want the true Dalmatian experience and if you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room with your children.

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