Homemade Halloween Costumes for Children

Making Halloween costumes for children is a fun experience for every parent, regardless of your income or creative talent. You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to create a cute and fun costume for your child and there is no need to be very handy in order to sew clothes. Here are a few simple, creative and easy ideas for the most innovative homemade Halloween costume for children. Since these costumes require some practice, we thought it would be best if we got a head start.

Lion costume

If you have a bow and he wants to be a fierce character for Halloween, then this is a cute and easy costume for you to do. You need a bodysuit for children, yellow or brown, cardboard model, brown, yellow and beige paper, scissors, glue and ribbon.
Dress your child in the bodysuit and begin to create the head of the lion by attaching on a rectangular piece of cardboard pieces of paper to completely cover the surface. Then glue two pieces of ribbon on each side, put it on the baby’s head and tie it.

Snail costume

A clever idea for the Halloween costume is to transform it into a cute snail. To put the project into practice, you need a roll of wrapping paper, cardboard, masking tape, a headband, artificial snow balls, ribbons and stickers. Roll generous peaces of wrapping paper and stick them together so that you get the shell.
When the shell has the desired shape, take a piece of cardboard where you will stick on the shell(wrapping paper). Once your shell is completed, you can begin making the antenas. Twist the two pieces of wrapping paper, then stick one on top of each artificial snow ball. Finally, attach each antenna on your headband.

Superhero costume

All you have to do is to dress your child in a gray or black bodysuit, a pair of briefs (green or red) over the jump suit of course, a fashioned a cape and a mask in the same shade with the briefs. Cut a rectangular piece of red or green material, and sew two pieces of ribbon on each side. Then the from the same material or cardboard, cut out a simple mask and glue some elastic so it can stay in place.

Bumblebee costume

Another Halloween costume for kids, easy to do is the bee. You will need a pair of black pants, a yellow shirt, black material, fabric glue, a black headband, artificial snow balls, wire covered in fabric, acrylic paint and a cutter. Using the cutter, cut a few strips of black material which then can be stick or sew on the yellow shirt to create the stripes.
In order to manufacture the bee antennas, make two holes in the headband, in which you add wires wrapped in cloth at the end of which you stuck in advance artificial snow balls. Remember that the antennas must be colored in black and yellow. For this, you can use acrylic paint to color artificial snow balls, respectively the yellow and black stripes.

These ideas should be relatively easy to put to practice, even for a beginner crafter. Nevertheless, if your sewing skills fail you, visit greathalloweencostume.com where you will find plenty of cheap yet cute costumes.