How to Communicate with Children in a Clever Way

The way you choose how to communicate with children will have a huge impact on their later personality and on their social and emotional development. These are things that you need to do in order to communicate correctly with your children in a clever way.

Do the eye-to-eye contact

Teach your child how to focus and how to establish the eye-to-eye contact. Give yourself as an example and always try to look into your child’s eyes when you talk to him. Offer the same treatment when your child wants to talk with you. Looking in his eyes when you talk or when you listen is the most natural way of telling him that he is important for you. Don’t make the eye contact too intense or your child will perceive it as controlling.

Stay brief and ask for feedback

If you’re looking for a simple way how to communicate with children then you should stay brief and make sure your child understands your message. You don’t just  give your child some guidelines and leave him to decipher them by himself. Listen to his opinion too. Try to express yourself through short sentences. Don’t talk too much about an issue – your child is not a grown up who you can discuss over and over the same matter. Don’t have high expectations for a complicated feedback. Don’t laugh at your child. You should ask your child to repeat what you have been talking about. Making him say again the conclusions of the discussion is a guarantee that there will be more time until you will be talking again about that particular matter again. Give your child rewards for the things that he can do but never offer your love as a reward because your love should be unconditional.

Praise the efforts and results, not the innate abilities

Many parents do the mistake to praise their children for being intelligent. There are many scientific studies that show that praising your child’s intelligence doesn’t do him good at all, in fact it does more harm. You should praise his efforts and his results because this way he will feel he has control over his success.

Stay simple and playful

Look how children communicate with each other. This is your aim – you should stay simple. Use rhymes and never neglect the power or games. Respect the playful rules that your child has with other children and adopt them in your method of communication.

Tell the same thing over and over

Toddlers need to hear a thing more than one time in order to understand it and to remember it. Don’t be upset that your child doesn’t remember what you’ve talked a few days before – he’s trying to, but his memory doesn’t have enough practice.

Speak psychologically and emotionally correctly

The most important duty of a parent is to learn how to communicate with children in a unharmful way. Don’t ask your child questions when the negative answer is not an option. Try to soften your vocabulary and your requests and get over your frustration. Show your child only constructive remarks.