How to Plan a Small Wedding

Having a small wedding does not mean giving up on your dreams and desires simply because you will have a restricted reception. You can still satisfy all your wishes if you look for smart ways of planning your wedding on a low budget and surrounded by your closest friend and still obtain a nice and stylish reception. Follow these useful steps and plan the small wedding of your dreams.

Reduce the number of guests

The first step in planning a small wedding is to set a reduced number of persons you want to invite. When you write the invitations, try to stick to the close friends and the family members and avoid inviting people you rarely see or those who are not very close to you. The few people you invite, the less money you will spend and the smaller the wedding will be. Although you may feel guilty about letting some people out, you should keep in mind that the more guests you invite, the more work and costs your wedding will include.

Set your budget

Saving money must not mean cutting off your preferences or giving up on something you want, but finding smart ways of reducing unnecessary costs. Look for discounts offered by the vendors, shop during the promotional season and replace the expensive items with cheaper ones that offer the same impact. Keep a balance between quality and costs and choose the amounts in such ways that you will not waste beverages or food.

Choose a small location

Instead of organizing the wedding in a large restaurant that would cost a fortune, look for a smaller venue where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception. Since you want a small wedding with few guests, it would not make sense choosing a large space that would cost more money. Decorate the venue with small bunches of flowers from place to place, place the tables in such way that will fill the room and set a candy bar or an open bar in a strategical spot so that the room will feel and look neat and airy.

Create handmade items

Handmade items are great ideas for small wedding decorations and will give you the feeling of satisfaction knowing that you made them yourself. You can ask some of your friends to help you design the funniest invitations, stylish flower decorations for the tables or small gifts you can give your guests at the end of the reception.

Planning a wedding is never easy, even if it is a small one. However, some planning tips can make the process a lot less stressful. Visit for more tips and tricks for planning a wedding.