Involving Kids in Household Chores

Getting more help around the house can mean the world for the busy mum. But how to get your kids to do household chores? The answer to this question involves using effective parenting techniques to make your children understand that they need to start being responsible, and learn some valuable life skills. The advantage of involving your kids in household chores is that they will know not to take anything for granted, and they will realize that they have to appreciate all the efforts that you make to maintain the house clean, and to raise them well.

Motivate your kids

Nothing good will come out from forcing your kids into doing chores, because they will find all sorts of excuses not to listen to you. From inventing stomach aches to stating that kids shouldn’t do chores, your little ones will find many tricks to reject your demands. Therefore, you need to use a parenting technique that involves motivating them to help you around the house. Use one of these subtle tricks to achieve your goal:

  • Tell your child that the sooner you’ll get the kitchen cleaned, the sooner you will go out in the park with him. You will see that he will offer to help out without you even having to ask.
  • Tell him that you planned to prepare a delicious dessert, but you don’t think that you can stick to your plans anymore, because you have to clean his room. We guarantee you that your little one will get his bedroom cleaned in a moment.
  • Make chores fun by inventing games. For example, tell you child that he is an intergalactic warrior and he has to clean the galaxy of pests. His spaceship is the lawnmower and and the lawn is the galaxy invaded by pests. Of course this type of chore is suitable for an older child since small children shouldn’t operate electric tools. Nevertheless, if you child is older, you can ask him to mow the lawn. If you don’t own a lownmower, ask your child to read some lawn mower reviews 2015 with you and decide together which lawn mower would make for the best spaceship.

Make chores predictable

According to several studies, children rarely help their parents unless they are asked. So, if you are tired of arguing with your kids about chores, and you are out of ideas for motivating them to offer to help you, you have to find a way to make chores predictable.

  • Establish a time when the entire family has to clean the house. Creating a routine will let your kids know when it’s time to get involved in family activities, and since they will know in advance when to do chores, they will no longer complain about not having time, or other inconveniences.
  • Talk about the consequences of turning the house into a mess. Explaining your kids the consequences of their decisions will help them become more responsible, and it will make them think about the results of their actions. Therefore, you should tell them that dumping clothes, toys, and food all over the place will get them more work to do. Since they won’t like the idea of spending all their time cleaning and putting the house in order, they will start being more careful with their things.