Is it Safe to Use Tap Water for the Baby’s Formula

Feeding the baby formula is sometimes a personal choice of mothers, but most often is a decision imposed on medical grounds, therefore, it should be carefully prepared in order to avoid other health problems. The water you use to prepare the formula can become an important risk factor for the health of your baby if you do not keep in mind some rules. Many parents wonder whether or not it is appropriate to use tap water, bottled water or boiled in advance water for the preparation of the baby’s formula.

Is tap water safe for the baby?

The decision to use tap water depends very much on where you live and the degree of pollution. In addition, some types of drinking water contain increased amounts of fluoride, which increases the risk of a condition called fluorosis which consists in the over mineralization of the surface layer of the tooth’s enamel. If you’re not sure whether or not the tap water is safe for drinking, you should orient yourself to other types of water and consider installing a water filter that reduces the level of fluoride in the tap water and makes it safe for the baby.

Is boiling the water safe enough?

Tap water that is only boiled and not filtered can contain many contaminants because boiling only removes the Giardia cysts, while the chlorine, the sediments, the heavy metals, the pesticides and insecticides are not eliminated through boiling and can be introduced into the child’s body through tap water used in cooking their food or preparing their formula. Therefore, for maximum safety you should consider filtering the water you use for the formula with a special water filter that can remove all the bacteria, the rust and the sediments existing in tap water. You can choose from various types of water filter based on carbon filtering that provide purified, deionized and demineralized water that is safer for your baby.

Obtain pure water with the help of a water filter

Bottled water is one of the safest and most recommended types of water for preparing the baby’s formula, as it generally contains balanced fluoride levels and it is free from risk of contamination with germs or bacteria that could endanger the child’s health. However, bottled water can be very expensive in the long term, and since you can obtain the same pure, healthy and clean water with the help of a water filter, it is best that you consider installing a water filtering system in your house.