Learn this before buying an electric bug zapper


Bug zappers have become a thing in the past years. More and more people are concerned about the danger represented by insect activity, which is why they choose to get themselves such a device. If you are also curious about this topic, read on to discover some relevant pieces of information aimed at helping you pick a suitable bug zapper for yourself:   

Bug zappers can be divided in two categories

Actually, the devices can be separated in two main categories, depending on where and how they are going to be used. That is why you have to be careful what you choose if you are planning to purchase a bug zapper. The most common models are those dedicated to indoor spaces and those exclusively used outside. These ones are way stronger, emitting a greater quantity of UV, in order to attract insects from a larger distance. The ones designed for the interior of the house are just as efficient, except that their ultraviolet light is less powerful, since it is spread in a closed space. This way, it does not affect the people who live in that house, while also killing the right amount of insects.

Who are the people who buy bug zappers?

The most obvious answer is: people who hate insects. Of course, the repellant feeling can be caused by phobias, allergies or the simple fact that some individuals find those tiny creatures insupportably annoying. And since other methods of keeping mosquitoes, bugs and flies away are less efficient, they invest in a reliable electric bug zapper. Other people purchase such devices for business purposes. For instance, they may own a place located outdoors, in a place with a lot of vegetation, such as a lounge, bar or terrace. Another popular category of buyers is represented by those who love outdoor activities, especially during summer, such as camping, barbecues or sun bathing. These can become a nuisance if insects are around, so why not better have a bug zapper around? So, if you belong to one of these categories of people, we advise you to start searching for a device that can help you get rid of insects. Visit electric-bug-zapper.com, a dedicated online platform offering fair reviews of some of the most popular products available at the moment, and

What criteria should you keep in mind when buying?

If you decide to invest in an electric bug zapper, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. Here is our brief list:

  • Where are you going to place the bug zapper? If you need it for your garden, then pick one that has been designed for outdoors. If you want it to protect you from insects inside the house, choose one with lighter UV rays.
  • Whether you place the product indoors or outdoors, design is something you should pay attention to. Landscaping is what makes your garden look so nice and welcoming, and it would be a shame to scarify looks, when there are so many stylish options to pick from.
  • Electric bug zappers are likely to increase your bills, especially if you turn them on daily. Make sure you purchase an economical device, or even one that is sun powered. It is not only beneficial for your budget, but it is also eco-friendly.