Life hacks for increasing your home’s security


Security is everybody’s main concern, and if you take into account your family’s safety and maintaining in your possession your hard-earned assets, increasing you houses’ security levels is mandatory. Burglars don’t discriminate on the colour of your door, and don’t even pay attention to clues that might indicate a wealthy family or not. They take whatever they can and then sell them. Usually, this comes as a great concern, especially while you are on vacation. Of course, you can leave the keys to someone you trust and have them check your property from time to time. On the other hand, you could have a team like the ones at Tonys Locksmith by and replace your locks. Besides this solution, some others might come in handy.

1. Home security alarms

According to a recent study, properties that lack security alarms are more exposed to unhappy events.  If you want to keep your house safe during your vacation, invest in such devices. They are perfect if such an event appears, because they will alert the security company that will intervene if necessary. Also, they are perfect for intimidating burglars, because they are visible for passers, being mounted on the exterior wall of your property.

2. Change your locks before going on vacation

If you fear that a copy of your keys might have landed in the wrong hands, or even if you don’t, change your locks with high-security ones. According to a recent study, properties around the UK are not in danger due to forceful entrances, but due to improper locks. If you fear that, your locks might be out-dated, give your trusty locksmith a call and ask for a lock replacement. Do the same for your window security systems, and your property should be just fine when you are on vacation.

3. Adopt better practices

Of course, proper security systems worth a lot when it comes to protecting a house from burglars. But the owner themselves is also responsible for their actions. Before leaving for your vacation, make sure you check all your windows, and see if they are properly closed. Also, do the same for the entire access doors to the house. Avoid discussing your practices with your close ones, because they might, unknowingly let others know about them.

4. Security camera, even fake ones

A great burglar deterrent, security cameras are developed for discouraging them and keeping your house safe. Of course, the functional ones are perfect for identifying a thief if necessary. Providing proof of the infraction is also necessary and these devices will help you. But there is also fake security camera that will intimidate potential burglars and help you keep your assets safe when on vacation.

These are four of the best practices you can adopt for keeping your property safe, as well as all of your assets inside. Make sure you change those locks, however, because this will provide the easiest and most efficient way of protecting your home.