Playful Parenting Techniques

We all know that children are playful creatures. If we are wise enough to integrate their playfulness with education we can make our children become geniuses in a motivational way.

Notice what makes your kids laugh

You should pay attention to what are the things that make your child laugh. Whenever you have a hard time with your child try to take the discussion in the area of those things that makes your child feel good about himself or herself.

Break up your routine

Children get bored very easily. This is the number one reason why you tend to lose your child’s attention. You are too focused on your purpose and you don’t pay enough attention to your child’s personal opinions. Very young children have opinions too and they should be respected for their age level of comprehension. Don’t make fun of whatever your child says and instead you should take him or her seriously. If you take a little break from your activity you can both better concentrate on whatever it was that you were doing. Tell the same joke or story and sing the same happy song together. Creating a fun ritual will make you bond more quickly.

Use the puppet show

The best way to explain a thing to your child is through the power of example. Never compare your child with other children because this may make him develop a sense of jealousy. Guide your child’s developing personality by making him admire and appreciate the opinion of some puppets that he or she will look up to. You can set up the puppet show by yourself and make the characters talk by expressing your opinion. Correlate the story in the puppet show with facts from real life. This is a fun way to set some behavioral standards for your children.

Replace the best things that you don’t have anymore with the good things that you you can still have

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Build a connection with your child based on respect and integrity on the both sides. For example when you have to explain to him or to her that you cannot do a certain thing anymore concentrate on the bright side and cherish the things that you still have. For example if something comes up and you cannot keep your word anymore try to compensate the frustration and the loss that your child feels by doing together another activity. Your child will understand you as long as you show your sensitivity and treat him or her as a grown up.

When raising a child, it can be very hard to associated education with fun. If you can do this, you are probably the best parent in the world. Nevertheless, even if it isn’t always playful, education is very important. In order to make sure that you are educating your child properly, check out the very informative education articles on