Practical Gifts for Your Husband

We present to you 5 practical gifts that you can give to your husband for any occasion. We guarantee you will find at least one gift that will be suited to his personality.

Electric Shaver

An electric shaver is a wonderful gift for your husband especially if he likes to regularly groom himself. The Philips Norelco 6100 Shaver comes with the Aquatec Technology which allows him to shave his skin when it’s wet or when it has some gel or foam applied for extra protection. This shaver is designed to handle the contours of the face. It has a contour-following system that easily adjusts to every curve. If your husband has troubles with his face irritation and usually stays away from electric shavers, this product is a great alternative to make him change his mind and make him take care a little more of himself. Giving your husband an electric shaver as a gift it’s to your advantage too because you will have a prettier person sleeping next to you. If this particular shaver doesn’t seem like the right choice for your husband, you can do some research on in order to find the best shaver.


If your husband is passionate about golf then you should think about some golf-related gifts. A rangefinder is a device that helps you measure the distance between the point where you’re standing to the hole, so you know what kind of golf club to use. According to the website, the Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders on the market as it can measure distances up to 1,000 yards. Take his game to another level and he will love you for that.

Grilling gloves

Are you trying to make your husband lose some weight? Give him an alternative to the fatty burgers by making it easier for him to prepare the grill. If he likes to make the grill then giving him some grilling gloves may be a perfect little surprise, and it’s not too expensive either – they cost around $25.

Can Hat

Any man secretly wishes to own a can hat. Even if your husband doesn’t recognize it, he would like to have one of his own too. It’s a nice touch to show him that you support him in all the nights when he stays up late watching some football games.

Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle Paperwhite is a gift not only for your husband but for both of you. Imagine how you can spend the evenings together while reading a good romantic novel. The best thing about this device is that your eyes don’t get tired even after you have read many hours. Kindle Paperwhite costs around $120 and it comes with built-in light and Wi-Fi. For an extra $80 you can get your Kindle with free 3G too.