Quick & easy decoration ideas for spring

Spring is here and the sunny weather finally gives you a reason to dump all the old stuff that you’ve gather over the cold months and welcome some change. Decorating is the simplest, fastest and most affordable way of giving your home a new look and prepping it for spring. If you still have burgundy, black, brown and red decorations that remind you of the holidays, put them back into storage and experiment with these creative ideas:



Welcome pastels back into your life

In the spirit of spring, you should incorporate some pastels into your living space and pastels are definitely the way to go. Light shades of blue, green and pink are perfect when it comes to breathing new life into a room and they will definitely take away the winter blues. There are many ways you can incorporate them, but, if you don’t want to put a lot of effort into it, subtle changes are the best. Use affordable ribbons to tie back your curtains or to decorate your kitchen chairs.

The power of plants

Greenery is the colour of the new year, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy new things in this colour when you have plants. A few succulents will add a bright and vibrant touch to your home and the good news is that they need very little maintenance!


Decorated mason jars

Mason jars are really popular for drinking lemonade, but you can also use them as decorations. Buy some coloured sand and place it in layers inside, then decorate the exterior using ribbons, labels and beads. If you don’t have space for such decorations and want something more practical, then you can skip the sand and use decorated mason jars to store your pens or make-up brushes.


A new wall print

If you already have a framed wall print and feel like it’s been there for ages, replace the print inside with a new one. it might not sound like much, but it makes a huge difference and completely changes the style of the house. For spring, prints depicting nature and animals are the best choice, but you can also go with an inspirational quote or an abstract print in vibrant colours.


Switch up table cloths, bed sheets and other textiles

People use tables and beds all the time and appreciate them for their practical value, but you shouldn’t forget that they can also double up as décor items. So, you should replace your worn-out textiles, such as table cloths and bed sheets with new ones. There are many cute options to choose from, including minimal, geometric or floral prints,