The Best Tips for Raising Teenage Girls

If you were used to raising an elementary-aged school girl who absolutely adored you, and wanted to spend as much time with you as possible, but lately your daughter needs more space and tries to avoid you, it’s time to realize that you are dealing with a teenager now. The days when your child liked to introduce you to heir friends are now gone, and now you have to figure out the secret to raising teenage girls. In what follows, we will present some parenting tips for teenagers which should help you deal with this transition in your child’s life.

How to deal with a bad attitude?

Once children turn 13 years old, their attitude changes overnight. They have more requirements and they will start  showing signs of ungratefulness for all the efforts that you have made to raise them well. Before getting angry with your daughter, remember that you were once a child, too, and that you probably acted the same way that your girl acts now. Most teens tend not to listen to their parents when they are asked to do household chores, and they get upset when they are not allowed to stay out late with their friends. Furthermore, some teenagers get angry when they are not allowed to spend the family budget as they want. Teenage girls are more passionate about fashion and style than boys, so they will ask you for money for clothes, makeup and other beauty products, and they will suffer a crisis when they won’t get what they want. If you already find yourself in this type of situation, you should try to temper your daughter’s bad behaviour by asking her the following questions:

  • Can you understand that what I decide is for your own good?
  • Do you think that I plan to upset you?
  • Do I deserve to be treated this way by you?
  • Are you not satisfied with the way I treat you?
  • Do you think you’ve earned your right to spend the family’s budget?
  • Do you know how much I have to work for you to afford buying new things?

Talk to your daughter about the changes that she will go through

One of the best parenting tips for teenagers is to learn how to communicate with your child. You should not pretend to be a friend but you should also learn to let your parental guard off from time to time if you want your daughter to trust you. Raising teenage girls requires lots of attention and care, so you need to prepare yourself for having that special discussion with your daughter. Furthermore, you need to inform her about what getting a period involves, and how to handle her hormones. More important, you have to talk to your daughter about the risks of getting pregnant. Discussing the sexual life of your child might be a sensitive subject for many parents, but ignorance comes with bad repercussions. Keep in mind that telling your girl more about periods and pregnancy doesn’t involve that she will become sexual active. You just need to inform her in advance, so that she can learn more about her body at an appropriate age. This is one of the tips for raising teenage girls well and without dealing with any unpleasant surprises.

What about school?

While it is understandable that teens go through a lot of changes, this is no excuse for them to neglect their school work. Nevertheless, at this point in their life, you can no longer nag them to do their homework. What you can and what you should do in turn, is stay informed with their school activities, offer them useful studying tips and career guidance.