The biggest locksmith myths everyone should stop believing


There are situations when the services of a professional locksmith are necessary. However, resorting to the first one that pops up in Google’s results list may not be the best decision, as experts recommend you do some detailed research before hiring a specific locksmith to ensure they perfectly meet your criteria. There are many companies that operate in this industry and Fusion Locksmiths is only one very good example. It is also worth mentioning that many myths related to locksmith services have emerged over the past years, yet you should definitely not believe any of them. Here are the most popular ones.

#1 – Locksmiths are only called in case of emergencies or key cutting

The idea that a locksmith helps you whenever you get locked out has made many people believe that this is the only type of service these specialists provide, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. In reality, locksmith experts have vast knowledge and expertise in providing a range of security services both in the commercial and residential premises and some examples are installing safes, surveillance cameras or even fire doors.

#2 – It does not matter who I hire, all locksmiths are licensed and reliable

It is true that most locksmiths nowadays are licensed and certified by the state to operate in this industry. Even though the number is relatively low, there are some so-called locksmiths whose only intention is to scam homeowners and to get inside their houses effortlessly. Detailed research on the Internet will help you make a clearer idea on the specialist you want to hire, especially if you read some reviews and testimonials.

#3 – They keep a copy of my keys

Another very popular myth related to locksmiths that everyone falls for is that whenever you go to a locksmith and ask them to make a copy of your key, they make an extra spare one to keep for themselves just in case. This is actually not true, or it should not be true, if you are hiring a professional and highly reputed company. Professionals will never make extra copies of their customers’ keys; this is the main reason why you have to pay great attention to the locksmith company you want to hire.

#4 – It’s not a trust-worthy company if they don’t have a storefront

There is this misconception that in order for a locksmith company to be trust-worthy and reliable it is mandatory to have a storefront located somewhere in the city. It is worth mentioning though that there are companies that promote themselves as mobile 24 hour locksmith firms, which means that they operate specifically out of vans or trucks for one very good reason: to guarantee their customers with precise times of arrival. As a result, this criterion should not be used when determining the authenticity of a business.

All things considered, these are the most common myths on locksmith services that many people fall for. Keep in mind that whenever you need the services of a specialist in this field, do your research well and ensure the one you hire is the best in the region.