The Role of Grandparents in the Family

There are cases where parents tend to be too partial with their children, pampering them too much, or encouraging them to develop a bad behaviour. However, there are situations when parents are too strict with their children, and that is when the role of grandparents in the family interferes. Grandparents have the ability to look at things more objectively, and they are the ones who can suggest proper measures when things seem to go wrong. Still, the most important role that grandparents have is to bring joy into the life of their grandchildren. Here are the main parts that they play in a family.

The story teller

Since they are considered the family living ancestors, grandparents can tell impressing stories of the past. They can share funny experiences, and they can talk about important events that took place in their lives, family traditions, and other relatives. It is important for families not to let the past be forgotten, because those who don’t know where they comes from have a less certain future. So, when grandpa tells your kids about the family history, he offers them the chance to know their roots better.

The mentor and the role model

Serving as mentors for the little ones is a valuable role of grandparents in the family. Giving their busy schedule, parents can’t seem to find the time that they need to spend with their kids in order to maintain a close relationship. Furthermore, while they might find some time to teach them a good behaviour, that is not enough when you want to raise a kid well. There are cases when parents don’t have the patience that they need to answer all their kids’ questions, which is when grandparents are more needed than ever. Based on their life experience and their free time, grandparents can offer good advice to their nephews and grand daughters. Therefore, they can teach them good values, ethics and morals. And by offering them a good example, they can serve as a role model.

The hero

Teaching new skills and games to their grandchildren can make grandparents look like heroes. Furthermore, sharing impressive talents will make the little ones want to be just like their grandparents, so don’t be surprised when you see that they start to act and talk like their mentors. Among other roles that these special relatives have, being a fun playmate is the greatest role of grandparents in the family, because it can turn a child’s world into a magical land.