Things to know before starting to date other couples


Many couples started to put monogamy aside and decided to meet other couples. The reasons are many, whether they want some excitement in their lives or just simply like to do things differently than the rest, dating other people together, while you share the same relationship has benefits. Of course, it is not the easiest thing in the world especially if you haven’t done this before. If you are willing to try this, you must first know some things about couples dating.

Have an honest talk with your partner

The first step is taking your time to think about this decision. You have to be sure about what you are planning to do.  After you put in balance all the aspects, the next thing to do is to have an honest discussion with your partner. You both have to keep in mind that this has to be a consensual agreement between both parts. Make sure you are both perfectly fine with dating other people. It is important to establish some rules from the beginning, because after all, you have to be aware that even if you involve other persons in your relationship, respect and honesty must be kept. The rules must be chosen and adjusted according to your feelings and point of views.

When you go to a club

Once you go in a club with this theme, you must give up on inhibitions. You must be friendly, natural and secure. Be aware of your needs and what you like and be prepared to experiment. Remember this is a chance to rediscover yourself and have a good time, so take the chance to enjoy. Be close to your partner but do not exaggerate with that and give him enough space to meet people. If there is something that makes you uncomfortable, or you start to feel jealous communicate with your significant other. It is necessary to be honest and open about that and do not let things unspoken.

Do not force things

If you found someone that attracts you, but that person is not interested in you, do not feel offended. After all, people have different tastes, and it is a normal thing not to be everybody’s cup of tea. Do not see it as a rejection, and do not insist. Be relaxed and do not push things too hard.

Be realistic

There might be the possibility that you and your partner might not like the couples that are there. Although you might be excited at the beginning, you have to be prepared for anything. Also, be patient. Keep that in mind, as the action could happen later in the evening. Still, try to have fun and enjoy.

Share this experience with your partner

Partners often talk to each other about how their day has been at work, or other activities. It is recommended to do this in this case too. Talk about the people you’ve met, the things you liked or disliked. Communication is the key in making this work. You can even adjust or change the rules you’ve decided upon.