Tips for Doing the Baby’s Laundry

The baby’s skin is very sensitive and every time you handle the baby and their personal items, you have to be very clean and you should avoid using irritant substances around the baby. The baby’s laundry, in particular, requires extra attention and you have to make sure that nothing that comes into contact with the baby’s delicate skin can trigger allergies or irritations. To keep your baby’s skin clean and safe, here are some useful tips for doing the baby’s laundry.

Disinfect the washing machine

If you use the washing machine to wash your baby’s clothes, you have to disinfect it first, considering all the bacteria and germs that develop in the moist interior of the washing machine. Use a special solution you can find in stores or start a high-temperature washing cycle adding a cup of vinegar and baking soda to sanitize the washing machine.

Do the baby’s laundry in a baby washer

If you don’t want to use your regular washing machine, you can opt for a small-size unit that is perfect for only doing your baby’s laundry. This type of washing machine uses higher temperatures, it rinses the clothes two times more and it self-cleans without the need of harsh disinfectants.

Do the baby’s laundry separately

Never do the baby’s laundry at the same time as yours, but try to wash it separately as the baby’s clothes should not get into contact with your dirty laundry, especially during the baby’s first year.

Use delicate baby detergents

The baby’s clothes must be washed with a special baby detergent that has a more gentle formula than the one you regularly use on your clothes. Avoid doing the baby’s laundry using powder detergent, as this can stick onto the clothes’ fibers and trigger allergies. The best detergent for the baby’s clothes is the liquid soap that washes deeply and is easier to rinse.

Don’t add softeners

Although you may be tempted do add clothes softener when you do the baby’s laundry, you should avoid it, as the strong odor of the softener can irritate the baby’s nose and lungs. The liquid soap will be enough to wash, soften and gently scent the baby’s clothes.

Use the high-temperature washing cycle

Wash the baby’s clothes at high temperatures according to the labels so that you will kill any potential bacteria that the baby could gather on the clothes. This doesn’t mean that you have to boil the clothes, but you should try to sanitize them as much as possible.

Sanitize the baby’s clothes with a clothes steamer

To make sure the baby’s clothes are perfectly clean and sanitized, you can iron them and the clothes steamer is the perfect device for this job. Use a travel clothes steamer as it is easier to hold and maneuver. Learn more about the various types of clothes steamers available on the market, by reading some reviews on The clothes steamer uses a powerful steam at very high temperatures that penetrates the clothes’ fibers and kill any germ and bacteria. By sanitizing the baby’s clothes with a clothes steamer, you can be sure that the baby’s delicate skin is safe. You can also buy a full-size steamer that you can use for ironing the clothes of the entire family. Nevertheless, a travel clothes steamer is better for the baby’s clothes, as you wash the baby’s clothes more often and it will be easier for you to work with a smaller garment steamer.