Traditional smoking vs. E-cigarettes. Pros and cons

There are many guilty pleasures in life, and smoking is one of them. Either you practice it as a social act, either you just simply enjoy it, you sure are aware about the negative impact traditional smoking has on your health. However, quitting smoking is difficult, because it’s addictive. Children should not be exposed to such behavior because of two reasons. You provide them with a bad example in terms of healthy behavior, and you are damaging their health by exposing them to cigarette smoke. Passive smoking might be just as bad as active smoking. However, thanks to cutting-edge technology, many have found an alternative in E-cigarettes. Not only do they not damage you and your loved ones health, but also they do not have that specific smell. Moreover, you can find different aromas and places where to buy ecig liquid. However, below are some benefits electronic cigarettes have and you cannot find in traditional ones.

1. They are not a source of open fire

You might be aware about the fact that traditional cigarettes are one of the main reasons of domestic and wood fires. They are a source of open flame and many hazards happen because of them. People fall asleep while comfortably smoking a cigarette and many have caused serious fires. Cigarette butts not properly put out cause wood fires. This is not the case of e-cigarettes, because they do not need an open source of fire to be used.

2. They are much affordable

Smoking is an expensive habit. Cigarettes are under strict tax laws and they reach the market with exorbitant prices. Just considering that, quitting smoking is a good decision. However, if this is difficult for you, you should know that there are way affordable alternatives. E-cigarettes, for example, are not under any additional taxes as normal cigarettes are. This way, a smoker will be able to save more than half they would normally spend when smoking traditional ones.

3. They do not damage your health as bad as traditional cigarettes do

Although we cannot claim e-cigarettes are not bad for your health, they do not damage your health as much as traditional ones do. You know the fact that they are the main cause of lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, throat cancer, and even degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. E-cigarette smoking has not been linked to any of the above and it is for sure much safer than traditional smoking. There is a high level of chemicals in normal cigarettes, and if you are able to avoid them, you probably should. Moreover, e-cigarettes do not have any impact on passive smokers. Not only you are protecting your health, but you also are protecting other’s health.

Above you have some serious reasons you should pick innovative technology instead of the old-fashioned alternative. Not only you are protecting your health this way, but you will also get rid of the specific odor and the negative social impact smoking has.