Travelling toddlers – keep your children safe on a boat

Taking your children to deep sea fishing is different than any other activity you organised until now. Many parents have the misconception that it would be an experience similar to the one of taking them to the swim park, but you should be aware that they will spend many hours, even an entire day on the boat, and you have to keep them safe and healthy. You have to understand that it will take time to prepare them for this trip and you will have to choose a suitable destination, to help them enjoy this experience. So the first thing you have to do is to ask the company that offers Turks & Caicos deep sea fishing tours if they organise trips for children, because not every boat provider is willing to allow parents take their children on sea. In addition, it is important the boat you rent to feature the needed safety gear, because children will need special equipment.

Aspects to consider before leaving the shore

Before you rent a boat, it is important to check if it features the needed safety gear for children. You should also inspect the boat to make sure that there are not any hidden dangers. You should talk with the crew to safe guard the ropes, windlasses, winches, gear boxes, and ground tackle. Every item that can be a danger for children should be secured. In addition, it is important the safety gear as flare guns, to be out of children’s reach, but this does not meant that they have to be locked away.

Lifejackets are essential

You should talk with the boat provider if they have quality lifejackets, especially designed for children, because it is important to fit them well. In case you consider that lifejackets are not safe enough, you should consider the option of buying your own ones, because it is important to protect your kids in case they are thrown over board. It is essential to have lifejackets that will turn the children with the face up when in the water. If you buy them, you should choose a model that features crotch straps and strong waist.

Bring lots of fluids and snacks

Yes, you may go off shore for deep sea fishing, but this does not mean that your children have the same reason. They need to drink many fluids to not get sick, while on boat, and they will get hungry, so you have to have a lot of snacks prepared. You should pack fruit juices and water, because they need vitamins. In addition, when it comes to snacks you should make sure that they are not too sweet or salty. Granola bars and fruits are a great option, so you should buy a few while on the shore. In case this is the first time your children go on a boat, you should bring some pills, because they may get sick, and you have to help them feel better, until you get back on shore.