Why is 2017 Honda CR-V a family favorite?


Road trips are important when it comes to family travel, so investing in a car that is suitable for all family members makes sense. Finding the best car for family is far from being easy. You have to contemplate many aspects: the number of children, your budget and how you plan to use the car in the future. There are also thousands of dealers across the country providing good deals on cars. Most importantly, which family car should you be considering? Well, 2017 Honda CR-V is a family favorite. Over the years, this vehicle has become a real reference point for the compact-crossover segment. According to Edmunds, the Honda CR-V is a class leader in terms of compact SUVs. This continues in 2017 too. However, what makes this automobile the best choice for families? In this article, we will explain why this specific car should be any family’s favorite.

Close to perfection

If you have never been behind the wheel of a Honda CR-V, then you cannot understand or even appreciate what a compact SUV can offer. While it cannot be said that this car is perfect, it is surely close to perfection. While the vehicle does not convey value or luxury, as stated previously, it is a benchmark of compact SUVs. The car is equipped with the most powerful Diesel engine there is, being thus able to pull a horsebox or a large trailer. What is more, Honda engineering has made great efforts to eliminate blind spots and the claustrophobic feeling that passengers get when entering the compact-crossover. The 2017 Honda CR-V also ensures smooth handling. Regardless of road conditions, the automobile does not tremble very much. What you have is a mix of power, good visibility and safety assurance.

Excellent use of space

Unquestionably, SUVs are soaring in popularity. The reason for this is that these vehicles combine versatility with efficiency. 2017 Honda CR-V is not the biggest SUV you are going to see and if you look at it closely, you will see that it is not a large car. Yet, this vehicle makes a great use of space. There is a low floor, which means that passengers have more space, not to mention that they have a good view thanks to the deep windows. You can accommodate a pair of child seats and, when you are not travelling with the family, you can fold the rear seats. This in turn will double the existing space. There is plenty of interior space for people to ride comfortably. What about cargo capacity? The little Honda’s truck can hold 37.2 cubic feet.

Comfy ride

2017 Honda CR-V significantly improves comfort. On the one hand, the seats provide just the right amount of support, being mounted high. This is beneficial for tall drivers, as they will not sit have to sit uncomfortably. Besides passenger comfort improvement, the car has a back the volume knob and Garmin-driven navigation. The engine is quiet, but not when you first start the car. What is certain is that you will not resist the temptation of taking the 2017 Honda CR-V for a ride.