You’d Be Surprised to Know What Makes a Good Marriage

Many people have doubts before taking this important step in their life – the marriage. They wonder what makes a good marriage and whether or not they can live up to the other’s expectations.

When you think about getting married you need to ask yourself whether or not you have enough love for that person to last you a lifetime. Some couples function well before they are married but once they take this step their couple chemistry is not as interesting anymore. It’s good to acknowledge that there will be a change in your life sooner or later – living with somebody and being married to him or to her may change your routine, expectations, habits, tastes and your whole life.


Communication is the fist thing of what makes a good marriage. You should build your relationship on trust and honesty. You must not keep destructive secrets from each other. One way to build your communication is to not skip the friends stage in a relationship. A husband and a wife must feel like that they share the best and the most meaningful friendship fist before actually getting married.

It’s not all about you

Marriage will change you and it would be wise if you embraced that change from the first time. A marriage is like a carriage. Getting married is just like switching from riding the motorcycle with riding a carriage. If you try to ride the same two wheels by yourself you will unbalance the carriage. You will need a partnership with your husband or wife in order to keep the carriage continuously balanced.

Sense of humor

This is another important ingredient of what makes a good marriage. It’s good to show your sense of humor and power of understanding every time you have fights. And you will have plenty of occasions to practice this. Keep yourself having an optimistic tone and state of mind. Humor de-stresses all kind of situations.

Productive and positive way for problem solving

Develop a repetitive system for how to solve any problem that you may encounter. Stay positive and in touch with the other one. Put yourself in his or her shoes and have an altruistic attitude.

Don’t be too picky

Being married implies giving up to your personal tastes for the sake of your partner. It’s a trade off that you both can do, each one of you at a time. Some people say that if you are too picky you are not busy enough. Concentrate on the true meaning of your relationships and don’t get upset if he sometimes forget a glass on the coffee table. Think about whether or not it’s worth fighting over whatever it may irritate you at that moment. Instead of spending your time together arguing and explaining yourself you could simply make a few comments and move on.

Start the day with a long 5 minute kiss

There are studies which show that couples who start their day with a little time spent together tend to act more altruistic when they fight and have a better overall connection in time. Make a plan which both of you should respect – start the day with a 5 minute kiss and hugs.